Successes from the past
Since 1966 we have won a few trophies. Our very first match was the Surrey Civilians in 1966, which we won with 535 by six points from Byfleet A. We were not prepared for this and have no team photo of the event.

In 1967 we won the Westcott Cup at Stoneycastle. Six scores of 15 rounds at 600 yards produced 394, which won by one point from Byfleet.

Westcott Cup at Stoneycastle, 15 October 1967

In 1974 we won the Bank of England, which was the first year this was awarded concurrent with the Grand Aggregate.

Bisley Meeting 1974

In 1975 we won the Edmund Elles with 437. In 1979 we again won the Edmund Elles, this time with 534, nine points ahead of Falcon RC.

Edmund Elles, 8 April 1979, including several club members who were not shooting in the team but helped with various jobs

The significant difference in scores between 1975 and 1979 could be caused by the 1000 yards shoot in 1975 being cut back to 7 rounds to count. There are no comments in the records book to explain the scores at 1000 in 1975, which ranged from 24 to 32.

In 1979 we also won the Surrey Astor with 585, one point ahead of Wandsworth, who scored a magpie last to count when running short of time.

Surrey Astor, 24 June 1979

We scored 578 in the final.

In 1986 we won the Edmund Elles for the third time. We scored 537, 18 ahead of Parthians.

In 1989 we won the Westcott Cup by two points with a total of 594. With two scores of 100, three of 99 and one of 97, this was clearly a year of good ammo.

In 1991 we won the Edmund Elles for the fourth time. We scored 553 and won by four points.

In 1997 we won the Harrison Catering Teams match at the Bisley Meeting. This is now called the Opening Shot. In 1997 it was shot at 300 and 1000. We scored 583 with 68 V bulls.

Bisley Meeting 1997

This photograph is copyright © 1997 P.F. Hicks. Reproduced here with permission.

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